You will wake up with Widget MorningCall

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September 21, 2012 by Michal Guzik

If you’re looking for an effective and practical alarm for your phone, there it is. Widget MorningCall is there to get you out of bed.

I like it because of it’s tricky nature. It won’t let you miss the alarm because it will not stop playing the ringtone unless you can actually wake up and solve the problem given.

While ringing it tells you to rewrite following numbers and unless you do it right it keep making noise. It’s even more cleaver. If you make a mistake, it changes the numbers and makes you focus again.

Trust me, after a few tries you can be so irritated there is no other choice but to get up.

This alarm is actually a widget. Small (2×1), transparent, good-looking. You can place it wherever you want, it suits everywhere.

Its highly customisible too. You can choose ringtone, number of digits to rewrite, snooze and on what days it has to work.



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