Bluetooth Chat – nice and simple!

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September 30, 2012 by Michal Guzik

I remember when back in the day I got my first phone with java and the things I did with it. It was old Sony Ericsson T610. We used bluetooth chat of some java sort to chat during classes without any charges (smses were quite expensive back then). It crashed a lot though and had problems with connection.

I was recently asked to review a similar app made for android. Bluetooth Chat by Koen Vlaswinkel is a simple and well made app.

It has nice graphics too, which is always well seen by AppsFilter.

It doesn’t crash. It has no problems with connection (unlike many bluetooth apps).

Incoming messages are visible in notification bar.

You can change styles of the text too.

If I could add one thing myself it would be some sort of file or picture sender, which is always a great addition in such solutions.

But all in all Bluetooth Chat is worth recommendation and it’s free.

Try it yourself here!


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