Screen Filter – best for brightness control.

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October 3, 2012 by Michal Guzik

Screen Filter is a small app, widget actually, that lets you control brightness of your screen with ease. Being an owner of amoled screen, I often have a need to decrease or increase brightess of the screen. Whether its for smaller battery usage or just comfort for eyes – it’s essential. I’ve been installing this widget since my first android phone.

What is so good about Screen Filter? You can set up your own brightess levels and put small 1×1 icons/widgets on your desktop. Enabling them is just a click away. Desabling too, but you can also do it via notifications menu.

You can set up several of them and just use a specific one when needed. I use mostly two of them: 22.0% and 48.2%. 22.0% is for nights and 48.2% is for indoors.

Good thing is that you can actually choose lower brightess than its originally possible in system settings.

Also I think that it looks a lot better with dark screen during the night. It makes the colors look more natural. Try yourself.

You can get it for free from Google Play here.


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