Game of the week – Prince of Balls HD.


October 8, 2012 by Michal Guzik

I belive this game stands out for two reasons. Funny title draws the attention, while well made physics and game solutions make this position worth a while.

The idea of the game is simply to gather as many points as possible (which isn’t anything new) by jumping. But smart jumping. Planned. Player has to click intelligently so that a small Prince can collect stars and balls. The most important thing though, is that jumps are limmited by energy. So you can’t just jump around endlessly untill you get as many as you want. One needs to think over carefully each movement and then proceed. Energy of course is renewable. It is an element of strategy I must say. Much appreciated.

What is also good about this game is graphics. A bit AngryBirds like, but in a good sense. All in all Prince of Balls HD is a bit simillar to Angry Birds. I belive it has potential to become very popular.


Download Prince of Balls HD for free from Google Play.



2 thoughts on “Game of the week – Prince of Balls HD.

  1. Žarko says:

    Thanks for a nice review!

  2. poradmikk says:

    No problem. It was pleasure ;]

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