AirDroid – wirelessly manage your phone.

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October 25, 2012 by Michal Guzik

Tired of connecting your device with an USB wire? You can easily manage your files, upload, download and do a lot more just over WiFi.

AirDroid is a smart app that doesn’t need any extra software installed on your computer. You just need your browser, where you put a simple adress. No need to retype long chains of digits as an adress. Everything is well thought. Simply and quickly connect your device by just scaning QR Code.

In a few seconds you can see a desktop, where you have access to your photos, files, music, videos, contacs, call log and other stuff. There is also some general information about your phone displayed if you’re curious.

One of few cool features is the real-time connection with the device. You can see what is in your phone’s catche, type a short message and send it right away, install an app right from computer or take a screenshot.

AirDroid apart from being simple and usefull looks good too. It’s nice minimalistic graphics and modern design make it look not only professional but also fun.

Check it yourself at google play



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