Play Music – Google’s music player.

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November 28, 2012 by Michal Guzik


Time for another music player app review. This time I’m testing Google’s “Play Music” app. I had a chance to download it while my short trip to Italy. In Poland it’s still unavailable to download for a regular user and I belive there are much more countries limmited in the same way.

Coming back to the player itself…

First impressions:

Hmm.. I have had an eye on it since several months. As it comes from the great giant of Mountain View I was expecting a job well done. Functionally and visually. And I have to admit – I’m not entirely disappointed. It’s not top of the world, but it definetely beats most of the players.


Apart from the obvious which is playing the music it does have several interesting features. These would be


  • Music located on the cloud.

Still doesn’t work in my country so I did not have a chance to test it properly. Seems like google is catching up with Apple’s idea to store everything on the cloud and stream it down to the device just when needed. Just play what you want from your whole library.

Personally I dont really like such solution given the disadvantages which would be: greater battery use, internet connection everywhere, lags etc.

Of course it’s only an option. You can keep your files on your device and it will work just fine!

  • Music store

Part of the plan with the cloud is to start shopping in new Google’s music marke  that is about to be launched globally. Google understands that there is a great piece of pie to be taken (music market), with android spreaded all over the world. Anyone would take up such opportunity.

And of course it’s better to have it or not. Always a plus!

  • Thumbs up

You can easily mark the songs which you like by clicking a “thumb up”. It generates a seperate playlist which is also easily accesible from the main menu.

Just another favourites button but works well.

  • Easily modify the order of any playlist

Just drag and drop your song wherever you desire. Nothing but smoothness. Very nice idea. No more Editing the playlist,  then changing, then saving, then launching it again.

Everything real time.

  • Play next feature.

You can instantly choose a song which would be next (just after the one which is playing now) just by chosing it from the small context menu.


Negative impressions:
  • No “play via bluetooth” option

I cannot understand developers. Why do they ommit such an important feature. Why having all of the car audio when you can’t play your music. Such a shame.

  • Artwork sometimes jams.

But that’s life I guess. Next update’s issue. Nothing to be to upset about.


I am also very sensitive in terms of the looks of apps. Play Music’s layout is good but it isn’t the best. It does smell of android jellybean which is great visually but I’m looking forward for an update which will rock my world. Like UberMusic’s layout did.


All in all it’s a good app. Very functional and practical in use. I personally changed from UberMusic which, despite being beautiful, was a bit too stiffy. I needed something more flexible. And Play Music definetely is closer to such definition.

Try it now (if you can) by teleporting here.


And some screenshots:


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