HiTask – great tool for task management in teams!

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January 8, 2013 by Michal Guzik

Dear Managers,

how often do you have problems with task management in your team? Time delays? Goals not completed the way they should have been? Not being able to keep in touch? It’s all a failure of the information exchange process.

Here is a powerful tool that will allow you to manage your team efficently. An android and iPhone app with a desktop version additionally. Completely free. Perfect for smaller enterprises and projetcs.

With HiTask you can set up a project and then pin tasks to each person. You can specify the description, time, assigned person of the team and even the priority of the task. All your team needs is for everyone to have a smartphone, which isn’t that difficult nowadays.

Great thing about HiTask is it’s simplicity. Just create a project, invite team members by email addresses, set up tasks and assign them. It’s that easy. After a person is given a task, a notification email is being sent so there is no worries that someone would ommit it.

I really wish I could test it in real enviorment. The app itself feels great and funcionality is superb. Very much like!

Get it from Google Play for free!!



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