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March 10, 2013 by Michal Guzik

If you ever thought about learning another language but didn’t have time to take up lessons and really commit to that you can now use your phone.

Babbel app gives you an opportunity to really master the basics of a language. You can chose between English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish, Polish and Indonesian.

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Learning is based on vocabulary and expressions. There are around 27 categories: such as Food and drinks, Animals, Body, Society and then subcategories like drinks, greetings and goodbyes, permission, numbers etc.

The process of aquiring new vocabulary is divided into 3 steps:

1. Learn and remember – you get to see a picture of a thing and a sound. Then you have to repeat it, microphone registers your voice and assesses you. If you repeated correctly, you can go to another word. Very cool way to practice pronunciation. It does not always work perfectly but in general it’s fine.

2. Deepen your knowledge – you listen to the sound and have to guess between four alternatives. These are the same words you just learnt in step 1.

3. Vocabulary – a list of words from this subcategory. you can just go on through all of them and practice.

Another thing is Review manager. It analyses the material you have already went through and tests you.

Despite offering hundreds of expressions the app itself is not very heavy. You only download categories you want to study.

Another great thing about babbel is that it’s free!




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