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16 thoughts on “SUBMIT AN APP FOR A REVIEW

  1. megasoft78 says:

    I’m newbie developer and I recently publish my first game.
    It the classic sliding game with realistic look.
    Could you please review it?

  2. Ilumnis says:


    we were wondering if you could spare some time to check out our game, Bluetooth Holdem Poker Free. It’s a classic Hold’em poker, but it can be played over Bluetooth connection on up to 6 phones. Also, there is single player mode, where you can play against bots.

    Recently, we’ve updated it with fresh graphics, improved bots, added all-in feature and other under-the-hood tweaks.

    Here’s the link, and if you need any additional information, screenshots etc. don’t hesitate to contact us.

    We have a version without ads, we are just updating it to the latest iteration, you should see it on market soon:

    Thanks for your time.

    Kind regards,
    Ilumnis team

  3. Hi,
    we just published our first app, it is totally free and without ads free.

    It’s a simple utility, a mini-launcher absolutely not invasive, here is the google play link:

    Feel free to review it if you like.

  4. Hi, I like many others would appreciate an app review.

    I created a weight loss app that is built for teams/groups of people trying to lose weight.

    The app allows the user to join or create a team. From there other members can join it.

    The weight (gain/loss) of all members are then visible to everyone in the team.



  5. elFerZur says:

    I develop 3d application to simple model objects on Android, compatible with native 3d view of HTC EVO 3D and Lg Optimus 3d.
    It’s name is ModelAN3D.
    Discover 3d power of your phone or tablet and create beautiful 3d images.


  6. SSpt says:

    If you have some spare time feel free to review my app, it’s a remote tracker / locker / wipe data app for lost devices, it has a user friendly control panel. It’s still a WIP but should be stable enough for a review.

    Thanks 🙂

  7. OserkDroid says:


    I have published my first mobile app few days ago called Math Fall, and if you could please review it

    It’s a simple game inspired with Tetris and various math game, aiming to be short and playable in train, bus and others few minutes to spare situations.


  8. Vishal says:

    Can you please review my app and oblige?

  9. Žarko says:

    Hi there! I’m Žarko from IKKI Arts. This is our new game. Please take a look.

  10. Arjun Nair says:

    Me and my friend have created a game for android called “Raining Stones”.
    Google Play store link :

    The player is supposed to navigate through people who are trying to attack the player’s car by throwing stones at it. Please take a look.

  11. says:

    May I ask you about review?
    Here is Dev-drawable
    This application scales images from xhdpi to ldpi, and android developer doesn’t has to waste time for scaling each image.

  12. Hi,

    I have recently published FonPrompt. A Remote Control for PowerPoint.
    It works straight forward. Download and Install a small Windows SW and
    as well the App from Google Play.
    Start both, the App and the Windows Software. In Windows, select the
    pptx File, a QR Code will show up. The App will bring up a QR Code
    Scanner, Scan the QR Code.

    The major difference to all the other Apps is:
    – No need for Bluetooth.
    – Communication is done over the Internet. There is also no need to
    have Phone and Laptop in the same Subnet.
    – And FonPrompt is config free. No need to type an IP Adress anywhere.

    A Review would be appreciated.
    The Download URL for the Windows SW is
    And the App can be found in Google Play

    Best Regards,

  13. Hello,

    I recently launched an Android App with a lot of features (Alarm Clock, Tasks, Birthdays, Relaxing music…) and all users of the App are very satisfied (5 stars) but a few people know about it.

    I am looking for reviews so if you can review it, I will be very thankful and I am sure that your readers will enjoy this wonderful App.

    To know more about this App, you can search for Alarm Plus Millenium on Google Play or follow this link:

    You can also review the free version, which is the Alarm Clock of the full one, it is so unique with a plenty of features. For more information about it, please follow this link:

    For more information about the Apps, don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Thank you in advance,

    Millenium Apps (Yan)

  14. hiTask says:

    We just released a unique task and project management app with cloud sync. The app has a great pixel-perfect design and very refined user experience.

    We hope that you will find it possible to review this app on !

    This new app combines uniquely beautiful and simple user experience with sophistication of a business-oriented task management tool.

    The App interaction design follows philosophy of quality and simple, task-based interaction where tool does not stand in the way of users achieving their goals.
    It uses cloud synchronisation to provide users with access to their tasks, projects and activities found on

    Developer: Human Computer
    Developer site:
    Release date: December 3
    App Name: hiTask
    Play Store Link:
    Contact Name: James Gosling
    Keywords: calendar, time, cross, cloud, collaborate, collaboration, project, sync, management, share, tracking, offline, task , project, assign, share

  15. fun4learning says:


    Please help me to promote my app. English Nursery Rhymes Free

    Thank you for your time.

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