Get a list of over 100 similar websites, where you can ask for a free review of your app!
  • The list is filled with emails and direct links to blogs and websites that review apps for free.
  • Save hours or even days of endless search for services that would take a look at your app.
  • Reach the most relevant websites.
  • The list is an effect of my personal research while I was promoting my own app.
Get the list and reach over a hundred of blogs and websites that are ready to spread news about your app!
Pay as you want! And download instantly using PayPal via Sellfy:


4 thoughts on “PROMOTE YOUR APP

  1. ksav says:

    Thanks, that list make’s searching and applying so much easier, you’ve
    helped me a lot!

  2. Gadhadhar says:

    Good thing. Very usefull. I have easily reached many reviewers from other countries which is great. Are you planning on adding some more positions to the list?

  3. John.m says:

    does the sharing through social media thing reduce by 50%?

  4. mikkinappi says:

    YES! if you share it on twitter or facebook you can pay only 2.5$!

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