Kids Shapes & Colors Preschool – something for younger android fans.

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October 18, 2012 by Michal Guzik

If you have a small child or a younger sibling which continuously asks you to play on your mobile and you can’t find a proper game (as most of them are just too difficult) you should try Kids Shapes & Colors Preschool.

This is a simple, educational game that lets the child learn colours, shapes and recognize hidden shapes in objects. Commands are given by voice and by writing so kids can start identify letters and words.

The aim of the game is to follow the command and point a specific object. It can be a triangle, rectangle, square or circle in different colours.

After an answer a child receives feedback (happy or sad sound).

Graphics are plain and the scenery is cartoon like – very friendly for the youngest users.


Kids Shapes & Colors Preschool is prepared in two versions. For tablet devices  and for mobile.


Visit for more educational apps and games for kids.



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