UberMusic – the best looking music player so far!

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September 19, 2012 by Michal Guzik

Since I got my first android phone I have been looking for an app just like this. An app with which I could finally let go of my old iPod and use phone to listen to music. To have it all in one.

Any other music player app that was designed for Android was either not looking good enough, not practical enough or just too buggy to compete with iPod. This one meets my demands finally.


Let’s summarise the key features that Ilike about it:



1. It looks great!



It’s windowsphoneish looks work great on it. I like how each screen is designed – simple, clean and beautiful.

Not satisfied with an original look? Browse for more skins and find something for yourself!

2. It displays artists pictures from Last.fm. 

This is a wonderful idea. Since our phones are not just phones anymore but also music players, web browsers, gps devices etc. why not making use of it?

Not only I belive this is a good addition to the looks of an app but also it’s interesting to see these artists or just some artwork that is linked to them.

This makes listening to the music a whole new experience when you can not only see the cover of an album but also artist itself.


3. Practical.

It has every must-have option that a fine player needs to have. Sorting by songs, artists, albums, genres, folders, and playlists.

You can easily swith between those by just swiping right and left.

Now playing screen has easy access to the “all songs list”.


4. Arists bio.

Since the whole app is synchronised with Last.fm data it automatically downloads artists biography from the artists last.fm page.








5. Last.fm scrobbling.

Are you and longanimous last.fm user? Great news, it scrobbles directly to your profile.

6. Comes with nice widgets!












Ok, let’s have a look at some things that could be better:


1. Gray boxes don’t match.

I belive there is a better solution than this. A better looking one!

These gray boxes don’t match the theme and let’s hope future upgrade will change this.

2. Rewinding and Forwarding is a bit difficult.

It’s not impossible. It’s just uncomfortable. While swiping the progress bar it sometimes just doesn’t get it.

3. Could support more formats. 

Like .m4a for example.

But that is just being picky. I really like this app and recommend to everyone!

4. Could support “Play via Bluetooth” mode.

I find it very useful. Definetely a must have option for Top music player.




After all UberMusic Player is a great app that every Android user who enjoys listening to the music should have. It’s maybe not the most powerful yet, but definetely the best looking one. Hopefully future updates will change that.


I belive 2,64EUR is a fair price for what you get.


My rating 8,5/10. 






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